Library culture is all about making connections

As a Librarian, you are tasked with facilitating social and educational programs at the library, and on-site activities at schools, senior centers, and organizations. Library culture is all about making a connection. It’s about fostering learning and wellbeing. Relish has become a trusted partner for community libraries and librarians providing resources and information around Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Dementia-friendly programs start with Relish

As the recognized leader in puzzles, crafts, games, and sensory and reminiscence activities for people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, our activities are commonly found in libraries. With the need for special interest toolkits and samples for families, and curated activities and wellbeing resources for running programs such as “Memory cafes,” libraries trust Relish to provide the materials needed to be a hub for their community.

Community Programs - Library Resources

Get Creative Image

Get creative

Just add water and our Aquapaints do the rest! With a stroke of a wet brush, vibrant images appear giving everyone the opportunity to create beautiful works of art. Aquapaints and our popular adult coloring books are a staple for elder programs.

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Play together

Spending quality time and enjoying each other’s company over a stimulating (and fun) game or puzzle tailored to the abilities of people with dementia is a great way to spend an afternoon. Dementia friendly activities are a feast for the senses and get people talking, moving, and best of all…laughing together.

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Remeber the past

Remember the past

The power of nostalgia is proven to be essential for wellbeing in people living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and similar memory issues.  Spark memories and relive some of the best of times with reminiscence cards, storytelling, and other activities that start a conversation and take you back.

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Stimulate the brain

Stimulate the brain

Cognitive activities such as mazes, fidget widget, and brain games keep the mind sharp, enhance dexterity, and bring a sense of calm to people with dementia. The different hands-on activities are a great way to engage elders in a challenge that results in a sense of accomplishment.

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Research-based and developed with people with dementia

Our products are backed by research, supported by medical professionals, and co-designed with people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia to ensure we’re providing the community with the best, most effective activities that enhance wellbeing.